Betsy's Blankets Amazing Race to Spread Warmth

Join us to compete in the Amazing Race to Spread Warmth!


Sun, May 21, 2023

11:00 AM – 1:00 PM CDT


Gillson Beach - Picnic Pavilion

890 Michigan Ave

Wilmette, IL 60091

United States


Betsy's Blankets is partnering with Millmette to facilitate the Amazing Race to Spread Warmth. Kids will race through a variety of challenges attempting to finish first. Challenges will include games, sports, and ways to spread warmth! For the "big kids" (ages 6-12), participants will compete on teams of 5, along with a Millmette dedicated, instructed counselor and junior counselor. The counselor and junior counselor will monitor challenges and safety, and cheer on their team. $30 or each of these participant fees will go toward funding Millmette's staff and services. The remaining $70 will go toward purchasing blankets and other bedding essentials for Betsy's Blankets. For our littlest participants (ages 2-5), don't worry, you'll also have a chance to compete! For these participants, picture an Amazing Race on a smaller (but just as exciting) scale. Your $50 participation fee will go entirely toward purchasing blankets and bedding essentials for Betsy's Blankets.

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Race Participant - ages 6-12


Mini Race Participant - ages 2-5


Teen Volunteer - ages 13-17


Sponsor a Comfort Pack - FOR ALL AGES